Please read our entire adoption process prior to applying for a dog in rescue. 

We take the adoption of one of our rescued animals very seriously. Please understand that this is an adoption, not a purchase. 

The first step is for any potential adopters to complete our adoption application.This is so that we may be confident that the animal you wish to adopt is well suited for you, your home, your lifestyle, and and that the animal is placed in an environment that is compatible to that specific animal. You will be asked to provide your vet references and we will contact them so please ensure that you let your vet know that we will be calling. We require at least 3 business days to process your application, sometimes it may take longer as we do this entirely on a volunteer basis. This time frame will give us the opportunity to discuss the application with you, contact your references, obtain permission from landlords or property owners in the case of rental situations, etc. We do not release any information to anyone outside our rescue organization.

Submitting an application to our rescue does not mean automatic approval. An applicant will be accepted based on our adoption process and the needs of the pet involved. Adoptions are not on a first come, first served basis.

Our application process is a means of assuring that we have all of the appropriate information for the animal’s records, for our own records, and to help us gather information about what you may be looking for. In some cases, the rescue may decline your application on a particular animal that you are interested in. Litters ‘n Critters Rescue Society reserves the right to postpone, deny or decline any adoption application or the adoption itself. We have high standards for our adoptive pets; we care about the animals that come into our rescue and want nothing but the best for them. We apologize that we may not have time to contact every individual that has applied for an animal to let them know that the animal they are interested in has been adopted or that they have not been approved for adoption, but we often receive an overwhelming amount of applications for our rescued dogs. Your completed applications will be kept on file and we ask you to watch our website or Facebook to see if there is a dog posted that you would like to meet

Our goal is to find lifelong, loving homes for the pets who have found their way into our rescue group. We try to find the best possible match between the animal and the adopting family. This sometimes means we have two, three or more families meeting a dog  in order to choose which family would best suit that particular dog. We will not knowingly place animals which are aggressive, seriously ill or who have serious behavioural problems. All the animals we adopt are family pets. Dogs are not to be tied outside or left to run free unattended.

Our Contract:
If you are approved to adopt a dog, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract which will be considered as a legally binding contract. Through our adoption contract, we outline specific requirements for your animal’s care, and detail the rescue’s expectations of any potential adopters. If approved to adopt from our rescue and you take a new pet home with you, you will have a 5 day trial period starting from the date the contract is signed. At any time during the 5 day trial period, the adopter may return the animal to the rescue and get a full refund of the adoption fee. If you voluntarily return the pet to us at any time past the first 5 days from the signing of the adoption contract, the adoptive family will not receive a refund of the adoption fee.

We charge a small adoption fee to adopt one of our rescued dogs. This adoption fee will help offset the costs associated with veterinary care, food, or supplies that we buy for our dogs. Litters n Critters will spay or neuter a dog that comes into rescue that has not yet been altered (with the exception of puppies 6 months and less, as we do not advocate for early spay/neuter). If a dog is altered by the rescue, vaccines will be required within 7 days of adoption and will be the owner's responsibility.  If a dog is already spayed or neutered we will have the dog updated on his or her vaccines at no cost.  If a dog comes into rescue that has already been spayed or neutered and vaccinated, the adoption fee will be put towards our vet bills for the dogs who needs vet care.

Adoptions costs are as follows:

  • Puppies up to 6 months: $100.00
  • Adult dogs (6 months and older): $250.00
  • Purebred and "designer" dogs: $300 and up

If you have additional questions about our adoption process please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please Consider Donating to Litters 'n Critters

Litters 'n Critters relies on the donations of animal lovers to operate. We do not receive grants or government funding so our only means of raising money is through fundraising and private donations. All money raised goes directly to help the dogs in our care.