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Daisy is ADOPTED! Congratulations Daisy!


Hello my name is Oreo. I am a super friendly, happy, loving, and adorable girl. I am approx. 2 years old and a mix breed of maybe Pit Bull and Boston Terrier but that’s just a guess. When I came to my foster home, I was a tad greedy, I thought my foster sister was going to take my mom and new toys away so I was very possessive. I don't do that as much anymore, mom has been showing me its okay to share and that even if it is taken from me, I will get it back. I know how to sit, lay down, stay, and not to touch. I am very energetic and some times I get too excited and I jump on people. I love to run and I run so fast that I do laps around my foster sister.

I'm not the best on leash but I am getting better, so I will need work on that. I like everyone but when I see or hear a dog that doesn't come up and say hi I get mad and yell at them. Mom says I am hard to handle when this happens because I jump and bark, but I am working on that. I’m not mean, I just want to say hi and can’t figure out why they won’t talk to me or play with me.

I love to cuddle and Mom lets me sleep in bed with her so I love to crawl in under the blankets and cuddle with her all night long. I am crate trained but mom says I do not need it so she took it away. I wait patiently while she’s at work all day, then we go out to pee as soon as she gets home, I’ve never had any accidents. Moms friend has a little boy who's scared of dogs, I met him once and I was on my best behaviour so I didn’t scare him. Everyone who meets me tells me how cute I am and how happy a girl I am.

I am looking for a fur ever home. I need a family who understands I get really excited but who won’t yell at me for it because I get really scared when people yell. I’d love to have a dog to play with but I like to steal all the attention so I'd be okay on my own as long as my family likes to play and walk me everyday. If there are kids at home they should be older so they can handle my excitement. It’s ok if there is a cat at home because I don’t pay attention to the one I live with now. I’m going to miss my foster family but I can't wait to meet you and start a new adventure.

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