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Hi..my name is Nova. I am an 8 yr-young female beagle...with a human attitude. I am friendly and very smart-I will respond properly to human questions with the appropriate number of barks! I can say 'I love you' with 3 barks-'love you' with 2, 'please' and 'yes' with one bark. If you cover me up with a blanket when I nap, I'll be cozy and feel right at home. In fact, I often whine to get a blanket if 'someone' forgets to fetch one for me. Or, just ask: 'Nova..do you want a blanket?' And I'll answer with an enthusiastic beagle-bow-wow for 'yes'. Do I get along with other dogs? Yes… dogs are great! Cats? Well, they're ok too, but I can live without them.

Nova is a pretty laid back lady but loves going on walks when she’s not snuggled on a doggy bed or snoozing in her open crate. Nova is house trained and will go to the door when she needs to do her business. She loves walking but has a pretty strong pull. She will follow that Beagle sniffer of hers anywhere and everywhere, so her handler will have to be careful not to run her off-leash, unless they have a secured, fenced area. She has recently been spayed and vaccinated.

Nova loves to cuddle with her person but doesn’t like sharing her space with others. Her foster mom has five dogs in her own pack, and Nova is too dignified to share the sofa or bed with the others. She is content to sleep on a doggie bed in your bedroom if there are other critters snoozing with her new mom/dad.

Her Beagle nose goes with her Beagle voice, and when she is happy she will bay and wiggle her butt to show how she feels. Otherwise, she is a pretty quiet dog and doesn’t bark very much.

Nova has been interested in all people she meets on her walks; men and women, children or adults or other dogs are all fine by her. She would be a great family dog – at 8 years she’s only middle-aged – or a wonderful companion for that one special person who’s waiting for their new best friend.

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