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Kane is a very sweet 5 year old male boxer/ lab mix. He is fixed, up to date on vaccinations and on revolution. Kane has gone through training with Unleashed Potential and is remote collar trained. Kane is great going for off leash walks, listens very well to boundaries, but is a little rusty with "place" so his foster family is working on that with him. He has never been in the kennel, but is doing very well!
Kane has food allergies and is on a raw diet. He should go to a family willing to continue feeding raw. He eats pre made frozen patties. Very easy and no prep. He is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles! Kane needs a home with NO CATS. If Kane goes to a family who is not familiar with e-collars it will be required that the new family will do training session on the e-collar and his foster Mom will do that free of charge. He is not good on a leash since he is off leash so we are working on his leash walking with a working collar. Kane is so sweet and is looking to find his perfect home asap to find his new routine soon.


I’m Dora, as in aDORAble. I am 9 month old pibble mix girl, which means I have lots of energy, love, and kisses to share with EVERYONE (whether they like it or not).

My Foster Mom & Dad are working with me to get some training and manners because mom says I’m incorrigible, whatever that means and that ‘it’s a good thing I’m cute’ (duh). So far I’m learning sit, down, and give a paw and they are working on “NO JUMPING DORA!” or “off”… which still confuses me. I’m looking for an awesome family who can take me through obedience classes. My foster momma assures me I will pass with flying colours because I’m super smart! I’d also like a family who will walk with me on a regular basis cause I have lots of energy to burn.

I’m good with other doggies, my foster brother and I play and wrestle and wrestle and play lots so I would be good in a home with another doggie. But NO CATS please!!!!!

Right now I sleep in a wire crate and hang out in there during the day while my fosters are at work and it’s not bad. There’s a comfy blankie, and a deer antler (SO AWESOME!), and I don’t cry or freak out. I even go in to eat my breakfast and supper in there because the fosters say I’ll pig out and eat everyone’s food cause I have no manners.
I’m gentle when I take treats but a little clumsy when I’m looking for attention, so if there are kids at your house, I’ll need to learn to be calm around them so I don’t knock them down, but if I’m introduced properly, I think they’ll like me and I’ll like them. I don’t have classic resource issues, because I will let you (or other doggies) take my toys, food or antler, but I don’t actually like sharing so I will attempt to sneak it back from you, and I’ll obsess a bit until I have it back. Foster mom says I need a bit of work on this, but I have a good foundation to work from.

My foster mom and dad say that it won’t take much for my new family to love me because I’m super lovable and if the timing was different I would stay with them, but they are doing the very best thing for me by letting me meet you!


Hello everyone! My name is Mika, but they call me Magic Mika because I have the body of a chippendale... bow chicka wow wow...

I'm 6 years old, neutered, vaccinated and I'm a big easy going gentle boy. Please don't get the wrong feeling for me because some jerk cut my ears to make me look like I have horns on my head. I'm probably one of the most laid back and sweetest dogs you will ever meet. I don’t know what my breed mix is, but my foster mom calls me “turtle” because I’m one of the most laid back dogs you will ever meet.

I can sometimes be shy with new people but I come around fast and will love anyone who pats me. I am in training right now with my foster Mom, Kristen from Find Your Balance Training, and so far I have learned how to walk politely on leash and to be a good boy in my crate. I can be clingy and sometimes anxious so I am looking for a family who will not indulge my clingy behaviours by coddling me. I need to learn how to be confident and independent and happy when I'm by myself if you go out or to work. So far I'm doing great but I will need a family who is committed to continue working on this with me and will follow my training program.

I just want to hang out with my family, so if you are looking for a runner or jogging partner, I’m not the one for you. But if you’re looking for a coash potatoe to lay around and watch the game with you or soak up the sun on the deck with you, then maybe you and I will hit it off.

I am awesome with other dogs and would be a great big brother.

If you think you can fulfill my needs then I would love to meet you... my foster Mom says I'm a sweet old soul and that I'm going to make some lucky family extremely happy.

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