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Bella & Ruby

Bella (8) and Ruby (5), a dynamic mother/daughter duo with beautiful personalities and kind, gentle dispositions. They are a bonded pair, and Ruby gets quite anxious if separated from her Mum for too long. As such, we are looking to re-home them together and will not separate these two. 

Bella was recently spayed, but Ruby has to wait a bit longer as she went in to heat before we could get her done. No fear though, we will take care of that! Both dogs are recently vaccinated, but do have food allergies and have been on a grain-free diet for quite some time. This will need to continue as they get itchy very quickly if not given grain-free food. Their previous owner reports that Bella hates to have her nails done, and both dogs need some work in learning to walk nicely on leash. They grew up with 2 boys, and are settled in with their foster family consisting of 4 adult dogs and 5 cats without any issues.

They are snuggle bugs who just want to be near you, and are used to sleeping on the bed with their family. These 2 are really sweet sweet girls!


Meet Archie, a very very sweet and absolutely adorable 1-2 year old Pitty mix boy. Archie is house trained and crate trained and walks great on leash when not distracted. He has been to the vet this week to be neutered is now ready for his new family!

Archie is GREAT with other dogs and shows no signs of resource guarding with food or toys. He loves to snuggles with his humans on the couch or in bed. He is medium energy and can hike for a few hours or sleep all day. He really just wants to be near you. We highly recommend obedience training as he needs to learn boundaries and manners. He's jumpy but is learning to listen to humans when they tell him no.

A home with fenced in yard would be great too as he is very distracted and curious (he's nosey!!!) Although he is an awesome boy, we recommend a home with no small children only because he is very strong and needs work on his manners. We can not stress how adorable Archie is, he is truly a really great boy!!!

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