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Kane is a very sweet 5 year old male boxer/ lab mix. He is fixed, up to date on vaccinations and on revolution. Kane has gone through training with Unleashed Potential and is remote collar trained. Kane is great going for off leash walks, listens very well to boundaries, but is a little rusty with "place" so his foster family is working on that with him. He has never been in the kennel, but is doing very well!
Kane has food allergies and is on a raw diet. He should go to a family willing to continue feeding raw. He eats pre made frozen patties. Very easy and no prep. He is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles! Kane needs a home with NO CATS. If Kane goes to a family who is not familiar with e-collars it will be required that the new family will do training session on the e-collar and his foster Mom will do that free of charge. He is not good on a leash since he is off leash so we are working on his leash walking with a working collar. Kane is so sweet and is looking to find his perfect home asap to find his new routine soon.


Hello my name is Nala and I am looking for my forever home and family.

I am a 2 year old spayed Amstaff- Boston Terrier mix (I had my DNA done). I am a beautiful friendly girl, and have soft loving eyes. Everyone loves my eyes. I like other dogs, though I'm not really playful with them. I let people pat me but until I know i can trust them, I don't really get excited about it. I have a kitty sister in my foster home and we get along well, I don't chase her because she gets mad at me.

Mom takes me for a walk everyday before work so I will be calm in the kennel when shes gone. I don't like the kennel, I scream when mom leaves and sometimes I try to force my head out through the bars but that hurts my nose and mom doesn't like it when I do this. I am learning that she always comes back so now I don't get as upset. She also puts this lavender smelly stuff on a shirt in my kennel to kelp me keep calm. When mom comes home I get so excited but she won't let me out until I sit.

I am a good walker, I even let kids walk me. I know how to sit and give paw, I'm learning lay down now. My favourite day is one where I get to sleep and cuddle with mom all day. Mom knows I really don't like the kennel so she lets me sleep in the bed with her. I love it there, I curl up in a ball beside her and snore the night away. When I first came to live with my foster family, I thought my sister was going to take everything from me. I got mad at her when she walked by my food and we got into a fight. I have learned that she won't eat my food so now I let her walk by. I still don't like it when she goes by my toys. I think I can learn not to get so upset over time, but I might be best as an only dog that way I get all the love.

I cant wait to meet you and show you what a good girl I am.



The name is Brady, but you can call me handsome. Because I am. And not only am I handsome, I'm smart. Smarter than your average bear. I'm just a baby still, only 1 year old which means I am a pretty energetic boy. Typical of the German Shepherd breed, I have strong protective instincts but my trainer is helping me understand that I'm not to act on them or behave impulsively. Yes, I have a trainer. She is awesome and she's teaching me all kinds of really neat things. I love her. I think she's pretty. She took me to the vet and made sure I won't be able to make any pretty dog ladies have pretty Brady babies.

I'm learning to be fully remote collar trained and I am looking for owners who will continue my remote collar training lifestyle. Because if you don't put me in my place, I will try to be the boss and run the house. I depend on this collar to help me control my strong instincts and impulses. I am also fully crate trained and I MUST be crated whenever you are not home AND at night when you are sleeping as part of my continued training. I am such a good boy... but I'm still a dog and when you're not here to help me I would bark (like a lot) if I wasn't crated. I am learning to walk politely on leash, interact politely with humans and other dogs and off leashed trained too! I am so excited about this because I love going places and I LOVE hiking. I need to be exercised every day and I am looking for active owners who will enjoy walking me everyday. I LOVE working and once I know what we're doing I will be your right hand dog! Give me a job and I'll do it.

If you think you can provide for my needs I would love to meet you!



Daisy is a 10 month old Shepherd mix who is looking for her forever home. She has beautiful coloring, is fantastic with other dogs both big and small as well as with kids. Very energetic and needs a home with people willing to exercise her or a home with another playful dog. She loves to run around and play especially playing chase.

Daisy is house trained and is ok in a kennel but could use more experience. She loves to collect things, not really chew just collect into a pile and guard it like it's her treasure. She knows the basic tricks (sit, paw, down, come) and generally obeys. Overall she is fantastic and will make a wonderful long time family member.

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