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Little Miss Leeloo is a very special 8 pound Chihuahua girl. Leeloo is 8 years old and is the most grateful, adoring cuddle bug you could ever meet. Whoever steps up to be her new forever person/people will be incredibly lucky to have this sweetheart in their home.

Leeloo is good for apartment dwellers, as she rarely barks. While she would love a family who was home most of the time, if she has another dog to play and cuddle with, she will be very happy. She has lived with a cat and left it alone – the cat was more keen on playing with Leeloo than she was with the kitty! She has zero aggression of any kind – not to food, dogs or other resources. She doesn’t know what to do with toys, but while in foster care she has learned how to be a dog, initiating play with her foster mom’s pack, snuggling up with them for naps and sharing the big bed at night.

Leeloo is a bit shy with strangers, but once she warms up to someone she showers them with kisses and wiggles, and wants to be in someone’s lap or by their side all the time. She is good in the car. She has good leash manners, and enjoys short, slow paced walks.

Leeloo has a luxating patella on her left leg, which doesn’t seem to cause her pain or give her mobility issues. She had dental disease and had some of her teeth removed.

Leeloo needs a patient and kind family willing to help her with her medical issues, like brushing her teeth and keeping an eye on her left rear leg, making sure she is pain free and healthy. Leeloo is a challenge to housetrain: she gives no signs or signals when she needs to go potty. She is partially pad trained and does go whenever she is outside. This is where patience and understanding are critical: Leeloo may never be fully house trained, and needs a home where her people will not scold or punish her for accidents in the house. If you are averse to cleaning up some pee and poo, or if your carpets are more important to you, Leeloo is not going to be the dog for you.

Are you the special family who can be Leeloo’s new forever person?

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